The Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association, founded by 17 hotels on March 30, 1968, has been one of the determining professional organizations of Hungarian tourism and the hospitality industry. The current membership exceeds 500. It includes more than 400 hotels with 36,000 hotel rooms – representing about 60% of the entire hotel capacity of the country, – seven hotel chains, 30 independent restaurants, 20 middle and high level educational institutions and more than 100 associate members.

The HHRA performs its professional and interest protection activities in seven regions, covering the entire country, representing the interest of all types and categories of hotels and other  hospitality businesses nationwide, in Budapest, in major towns, as well as resorts and spas.

The aim of HHRA is the non-political, professional and interest representation, and lobbying for an economic and regulatory environment for hotels and hospitality enterprises in Hungary, which helps sustainable operation and development. We are convinced that the success of tourism, including the hotel industry and hospitality enterprises, helps to strengthen international competitiveness and contributes to the success of the Hungarian economy both by paying state and self- government taxes, and by employment of the labor force.


The main objectives of the Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association are summarized in the following:

  • Active lobbying in order to reach more favorable operational conditions for the Hungarian hotel and hospitality industry
  • Improvement of profitability of hotels and restaurants in Hungary
  • Raising the operational standards, spreading modern know-how to improve the quality of services and competitiveness
  • Promotion of the Hotelstars classification system and an increase in the  number of classified hotels
  • Sharing of modern marketing and sales techniques
  • Promotion of hotels and high quality hospitality businesses
  • Actions against unfair competition
  • Promotion of local products among the members of the Association
  • Development of the professional training and advanced studies