53rd General Assembly, 2021

The 53rd HH&RA General Assembly took place on 14 July at the Budapest Congress Centre (Novotel Budapest City).


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Greetings - Mr. Csaba Faix, Budapest Brand nZrt. CEO

Hungarian Tourism Agency Presentation - Mr. Dr. Zoltán Guller CEO

HH&RA Presidential report - Mr. Tamás Flesch

Austrian situation - Ms. Susanne Kraus-Winkler, Chairwoman of the Austrian Chamber of Commerence - hotel industry

International outlook -  Mr. Márton Takács, Moore Hungary

Advisory panel discussion

Participants: Mr. Attila Hegedűs, BDO; Mr. Attila Radvánszki, Horwath HTL; Mr. Péter Takács, VLK Cresa

Moderator: Mr. Tamás Flesch, HH&RA

Fluctuation management at the level of generations - Mr. Krisztián Steigervald

HH&RA Innovation Competition - voting

Billerbeck Budapest Kft. - GRÁNÁT »Zero PUR« és KARNEOL »Zero PUR« matresses

Bonomi Kft. - Virtual Hotel Assistant

MGMT Group Kft. (Everguest) - Revenue, Reputation és Online Marketing services


OMIKRON Informatika Kft. - Calirom Sensoo – hotel room management system

Election: The Executive Board members, Co-President Gastronomy of the Association, General Vice-President, President

Stand-up comedy show and coctail reception

Gala dinner and awards ceremony

  • Green Hotel 2021-22 awards

  • Marencich awards

  • Társult tagok elismerése




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