New, pampering, refreshing and stress-reducing services for guests, health-promotion for employees.
Our products are suitable for those, who aim to help guests rest time efficiently. With 10-15 minute programs, they massage the foot of sightseers or hikers, shorten the time needed for daily workouts, and provide head-to-toe massage for those, who are wary of a newly met masseuse's touch.
Elegant and sleek, our massage devices blend into the enterior of any hotel.
With our massage and whole body vibration devices, we have been present in hotels, workplaces and beauty salons for over 5 years.
Our partners use our products in their fitness-wellness sections, employee recreational rooms, and as a bonus service.
Hospitality is an industry where employees are facing physical and physiological challenges daily, and our experience shows that more and more hoteliers take action to alleviate the strain of these challenges with innovative tools.


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