Bag-in-Box for HoReCa

Looking for a convenient solution for your breakfast buffet? Our bag-in-box dispenser offers the highest flexibility and the best quality.

The Rauch POSTMIX serving system is ideal in case of a high fruit juice demand. With one click, it prepares the desired beverages from concentrate and fresh water and guarantees a prompt, clean and powerful way of serving beverages for up to 200 liters. With flexible usage: different serving heights for glasses and carafes provide multiple uses. A number of dispenser models allow for the use of 2 or, respectively, 5 varieties.

The bag-in-box PREMIX two-chamber dispenser provides pure fruit pleasure. With powerful cooling, 2-3 different products may be served simultaneously in traditional Rauch quality. The assortment includes 100% organic juices, high-grade 100% fruit juices with no addition of sugar as well as the most favorite nectars. Its handling by the staff is very easy - guests take their beverages quickly and smoothly.


With a turnover of 861 million Euros in the year 2015, the Rauch Group is the biggest producer of fruit juices and tea beverages in Austria by far and plays a determining role internationally as well.

Together with the Fohrenburg brewery, Rauch currently employs more than 1400 persons and exports to more than 90 countries worldwide. The exports accounting for more than 58% (excluding Fohrenburg brewery) demonstrate its position as an international company of brand-name articles.


In total, the Rauch Group occupies four strategic business fields. Besides the production and sales of the Rauch brands from HAPPY DAY to BRAVO, NATIVA and Rauch ICETEA, Rauch is also firmly established in the so-called business to business area. Within this branch, the company Rauch carries the role of a producer and sales company for international purchasers of fruit juice concentrates and half-finished products.

A wide range of products is produced and marketed:
Fruit juice concentrates, meaning fruit juices,
partly extracted of its water content, as well as
Fruit aromas, 100% extracted from juice of freshly
pressed fruits, and
Directly-pressed juices of various sorts of fruits,
which can be mixed as necessary, and also
Fruit puree/pulp of fruit (e.g. for jam production).

The third field concerns commissioned fillings. As a service provider, Rauch fills for other producers of beverages with the
proper high-tech filling installation for cans, PET (plastic) and glass bottles.


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